Flesh & Blood TCG - Tales Of Aria 1st Edition Booster Box

Flesh & Blood TCG - Tales Of Aria 1st Edition Booster Box

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Legend Story Studios have just announced the 5th set in the Flesh & Blood TCG!! The set is called Tales of Aria and takes the story away from Rathe and into new lands including the settlements of Isenloft, Candlehold and Volthaven! The set will include a standalone booster expansion as well as three new Blitz decks!! Tales of Aria has an official release date of the 24th of September and is designed for sealed deck, booster draft, and constructed format play. Although we haven't added the products for pre-order yet, don't worry as we'll be adding them closer to the release date.

The booster set will be available as individual packs containing 15 cards plus 1 token. Booster boxes will also be available containing 24 packs each. The expansion will be a great purchase for any collector or player.

Tales of Aria will contain a total of 238 cards, divided into the following rarities:

  • 1 Fabled
  • 6 Legendary
  • 27 Majestic
  • 54 Rares
  • 136 Commons
  • 14 Tokens

Each booster pack will contain:

  • 1 Premium Foil (Rainbow Foil or Cold Foil)
  • 2 Rares (1 Rare + 1 Rare or Majestic)
  • 12 Commons
  • 1 Token

Tales of Aria will also introduce three new heroes and three new Blitz decks!! Although the identity of 2 of these heroes is currently a mystery, the third has been revealed to be the all-new Lexi!! Ready-to-play out of the box, Tales of Aria Blitz Decks are crafted as an introduction product to Flesh and Blood and perfect for kitchen table gaming. Each Blitz Deck includes a rainbow foil hero card, a beautiful addition to the collection of new and experienced players alike.